Hi! I’m Nilanjan Saha. I’m kind of more infamous as Neil, you may call me by that name too img_20161121_101942_processedif you ever bother to send me any mail at motofarer@gmail.com. Living in Nishiganj, WB, India I’m a dreamer who likes to travel. Motorcycle and camera are two of my favourite machines. While in college I pursued literature and now go to that same college to learn from the students. As I’ve already said, I am a fan of motorcycle touring, photography, and also cricket. I take a fancy in reading and outdoors too. I live with my parents, wife, daughter and younger brother. Currently, I ride a 150 cc Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler and wish graduate to a bigger one sometime in future.

Now from the title of this blog you’ve probably figured out that this is actually a portmanteau word derived from ‘motorcycle’ and ‘wayfarer’. That is because I love to tour on motorcycles. In fact, my hobby is motography … er … what!? I mean motorcycling and photography. I’m also available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So enjoy! Happy reading and keep riding…….


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